The New Office Is Part Of The New Face of ALTO

By Anita Ratnaningsih | Sep 28 2020 12:30

Since ALTO got invested by PT Central Capital Ventura (CCV), ALTO is becoming one of switching company that handles BCAs interconnection. By handling BCA’s interconnection ALTO is required to conducts a lot of coordination with BCA’s side. To make it easy, ALTO moves its head office to Menara BCA.

Located in a prestigious location in Jl. Thamrin no. 01 Central Jakarta, Menara BCA is a perfect location to supports ALTO’s brand and business operation.

Not only Menara BCA, ALTO also takes a wide space in Satrio Tower, located in JL. Prof. DR. Satrio, Mega Kuningan as another business office.

By choosing prestigious locations for office, ALTO wants to facilitate the employees and clients to conduct the business operation conveniently. It is so much easier to reach out the well known locations.

For ALTO, office is a central physical focus that allow the employees to meet and connect with management and clients. It is important to make it convenient by design, culture and environment to support the employees to leverage creativity and productivity.

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