Greet Your Digital Era of Transaction with QRIS, National Standardized of QR Payment in Indonesia

By Anita Ratnaningsih | Oct 26 2020 23:26

Do you know that now we have a Quick Response (QR) Standard known as QRIS? It is A single payment QR code that combines the payload details of different electronic payment schemes that merchant or business accepts. It is used for payments through server-based e-money applications, electronic wallets and mobile banking.

QRIS was launched by Bank Indonesia coincide with 74th anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day on 17th August 2019. Offers secure and convenient transactions through one QR code that can be used for all mobile phone payment applications.

The benefit of using QRIS

QRIS is not only beneficial for the customer, it is beneficial for the business or merchant as well. QRIS  provides both consumers and merchants with an affordable and convenient payment service without the need to issue physical cards, tokens or Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines. Consumers only need a smartphone app to make payments, while merchant will have QRIS displayed at their checkout to accept payments. The low cost to deploy and operate makes the QRIS a very viable solution for merchants. At the same time, the availability of merchants with QRIS payments makes it convenient for consumers.


QRIS was prepared by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI), using EMV Co, the international standards to support broader payment system instrument interconnectedness and accommodate the specific needs of Indonesia, thus providing interoperability between providers, instruments and even countries.

Now, with payment transaction volumes via QR codes increasing steadily over the year as consumers become more familiar with it, ALTO actively participating in supporting the implementation yet keep the navigation of digital payment ready to greet the future trough innovation and development.



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