ALTO, The First Switching Company in Indonesia Officially Accredited with PCI DSS Compliance

By Anita Ratnaningsih | Nov 15 2022 23:15

Following our notable accomplishment of achieving ISO 27001:2013 Certification in the previous month, ALTO is proud to announce another remarkable success: We have officially acquired the accreditation from PCI DSS Certification in October 2020, which makes us the first switching company in Indonesia to get accredited with PCI DSS Compliance. Both certification, ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS, subsequently complement each other’s in strengthening our security framework standards in the most comprehensive way.

To uphold our strong commitment as a leading end-to-end payment switching provider in Indonesia, we put our best effort to comply with and eventually achieve the PCI DSS Certification, hence elevating our security system to the next level. 

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is a prime requirement for any business that stores, processes, or transmits transactional payment card data. This security standard defines the measures for ensuring data protection, as well as consistent security processes and procedures around the handling of online financial transactions and payment card ecosystem.

Why Do We Need PCI DSS Certification?

The compliance with PCI DSS Certification is our endeavor to promote the Payment Card Industry’s security, by providing a cohesive safety standard and implementing other supporting materials which include the specification of frameworks, tools, measurements, and supporting resources – thereby helping organizations protect the security of cardholder’s information in a consistent manner. 

“With the growing demand of Digital Payment, it is more crucial for ALTO to also keep up and comply with the best security standard. It is our job to ensure that all payment transactions from both our Issuer and Acquirer members are always protected through the secured ALTO channel,” said Patricco Baron, the CTO of ALTO Network. “Considering the fact that we have attained many legacy systems for ALTO’s domain within the last two decades, achieving PCI DSS itself was not an easy feat. It took the utmost perseverance and dedication from all ALTO family members to achieve this accomplishment in such a short period of time. But most importantly, it is our unwavering commitment towards our members, regulators and our partner, Visa, to take our security to a whole new level.”

ALTO, as the official partner of VISA in Indonesia, strives to exhibit the best commitment to our partner and our customers by processing our financial transaction in a global standard of VISA and Mastercard schemes. Ultimately, this step will also navigate a baseline standard for the GPN (Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional) scheme in Indonesia. 

It took 11 months of hard work and pushing ourselves over the limit to achieve the complete compliance with PCI DSS requirements. Achieving PCI DSS compliance doesn’t only signify an improved security in the payment card industry. An effort to be a compliance also means that there was no evidence of non-compliance found during the assessment period – this, therefore, implies the importance of how we also put control sustainability and resilience as part of ALTO's larger security system, to maintain trust and provide only the best for our clients.

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