ALTO promotes the highest levels of security for its members, we believe that this is a primary concern for any business, and as such, we have made it our commitment to keep our systems secure. The security system is implemented as follows:


  • Using Host Security Model (HSM) for:
    • Encryption PIN (safest and fastest).
    • Zone PIN Key is different for members.
    • Session Key is changed automatically every 45 minutes.


  • Assurance settlement to avoid losses due to the members of other networks who cannot meet their obligations in settlement.

ALTO also maintains the quality of a network by requiring its members (Issuer) to have an average up-time of 97% during a month period.

In addition, ALTO also has an efficient and accountable work processes, providing:

  • Fast Claim Process
  • Complete and detailed reports of the transactions and settlements.
  • Simple settlement process in the form of the Net Settlement, without additional effort from the Bank’s members.

For prospective members, ALTO has proven execution methodologies so that implementation can be done speedily.